(1) Beer wholesalers and table wine distributors shall keep and maintain records at their place of business of all beer or table wine furnished or sold to retailers. These records must contain the following information:

(a) name and address of retailer;

(b) item that was sold or furnished;

(c) date item was sold or furnished;

(d) date item was delivered;

(e) cost of item sold;

(f) date wholesaler or distributor received retailer's payment; and

(g) from which warehouse or subwarehouse the item was delivered.

(2) Commercial records or invoices may be used if they contain the information listed in (1)(a) through (g).

(3) Beer wholesalers shall keep and maintain records at their place of business of visits to retailers within their assigned territory, as specified under Title 16, MCA, for department inspection.

(4) A beer wholesaler or a table wine distributor may use a common carrier to deliver beer or wine to a retail license in limited quantities. The department may inspect the books and records of the common carrier regarding the conveyance of alcoholic beverages within the state.

(a) Quantity is limited to three cases a day for each licensed retailer.

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