(1) Informal disposition of contested cases is permissible pursuant to 2-4-603, MCA.

(2) Informal proceedings in contested cases must give the parties an opportunity to present to the agency or the hearing examiner written or oral evidence challenging the agency's actions, its refusal to act, its justifications for determination, or other evidence relating to the contested case.

(3) An informal conference may be conducted prior to the proceedings in order to define issues, determine witnesses, and agree upon stipulations.

(4) A record of proceedings conducted under this part must be made in accordance with 2-4-604, MCA.

History: 2-4-202, MCA; IMP, 2-4-202, MCA; Eff. 12/31/72; AMD, 1977 MAR p. 1192, Eff. 12/24/77; AMD, 1979 MAR p. 1229, Eff. 10/12/79; AMD, 2014 MAR p. 683, Eff. 8/15/08.