(1) Any elected or appointed official, other than a legislator, who becomes a member of PERS pursuant to 19-3-412, MCA, will receive service credit based upon the number of the member's compensated hours. Per diem or other benefits are not compensation.

(2) A retired PERS member who is elected or appointed to a state or local government public office covered by PERS may elect to become an active member of PERS or remain a retired member, with no limitation on the number of hours worked in the elected or appointed position.

(3) An active PERS member who is elected or appointed to a local government public office and works less than 960 hours a year in the elected position may decline membership in PERS with respect to the elected or appointed position.

(4) A PERS DBRP member who elects to purchase into PERS previous service as an elected or appointed official must comply with 19-3-505, MCA, except the cost will not include interest for any contributions due on service prior to July 1, 1993.

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