(1) All students will be required to perform and pass a physical abilities test prior to acceptance into the law enforcement officer basic course.

(2) A document detailing fitness requirements, academy expectations, and student preparation procedures will be furnished to all students who register for the basic course.

(3) Student performance will be measured at times during and/or before the basic course. These testing times may consist of the following:

(a) an entry physical abilities test within 90 days of the start of the basic course;

(b) midterm physical abilities test; and

(c) final physical abilities test.

(4) Students who arrive at the academy with an injury or condition that prevents them from attempting any of the prescribed physical abilities tests will not be accepted into the basic course.

(5) At the prescribed physical abilities tests, the student must pass required levels of performance as prescribed by administrative policy. Students who fail to meet the required performance levels will be given opportunity for retest within ten business days of the posted date of failure. Failure to pass the prescribed physical abilities test may result in expulsion or termination from the basic course.

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