37.106.1704    DEFINITIONS

For the purposes of this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Administrator" means the person designated on the facility application or by written notice to the department as the person responsible for the daily operation of the facility and for the daily inpatient treatment provided in the facility.

(2) "Assessment" means an active process that utilizes a multidisciplinary team throughout the care and treatment of an individual.

(3) "BHIF" means behavioral health inpatient facility as defined at 53-21-102, MCA.

(4) "Clinical record" means a written document which is complete, current, and contains the information required by 53-21-165, MCA.

(5) "Emergency situation" has the meaning assigned to it by 53-21-102, MCA.

(6) "Governing body" means a group of designated persons functioning as a governing body, that is legally responsible for establishing and implementing policies regarding the management and operations of the facility.

(7) "Licensed health care professional" means a licensed health care professional as defined at 50-5-101, MCA.

(8) "Medical director" means a physician, psychiatrist, or advanced practice registered nurse who oversees the medical care and other designated care and services in a behavioral health inpatient facility. The medical director is responsible for coordinating medical care and helping to develop, implement, and evaluate patient care policies and procedures that reflect current standards of practice.

(9) "Mental health professional" means a mental health professional as defined at 53-21-102, MCA.

(10) "Professional person" means a professional person as defined at 53-21-102, MCA.

(11) "Supervisor" means a site based certified mental health professional person.

(12) "Treatment plan" means a planned program of active treatment developed by a multidisciplinary team to meet an individual's recovery and care.

History: 53-21-194, MCA; IMP, 50-5-101, 53-21-102, 53-21-194, MCA; NEW, 2009 MAR p. 1801, Eff. 10/16/09.