(1) A person may obtain a card room contractor license by submitting to the department a card room contractor license application (Form 9), which is available upon request from the department.

(2) The application must include:

(a) full identification of the applicant, including legal name, address, phone number, and social security number or federal identification number;

(b) Forms 10 and FD-258 as described in ARM 23.16.102;

(c) a complete set of fingerprints, on Form FD-258 provided by the department, obtained and certified by a local law enforcement agency, the department, or a private security company approved by the department for each person required to complete a personal history statement;

(d) financial statements for the applicant's business as described in ARM 23.16.502;

(e) a $150 license fee;

(f) a fee to pay the charges to the department for obtaining background information from fingerprints; and

(g) a copy of each proposed agreement to be entered into with a licensed operator to provide gambling on the operator's premises.

(3) If a card room contractor proposes to amend an existing agreement or enters into additional agreements after obtaining a license, the contractor shall submit to the department for approval a copy of each proposed amended or additional agreement.

(4) A card room contractor shall not operate a card room under an amended or additional agreement unless and until such proposed agreement is approved by the department. This restriction does not apply when a proposed amendment to a previously approved agreement only extends the time period of the agreement and makes no other changes.

(5) A card room contractor license expires at midnight on June 30 and must be renewed annually by completing a form provided by the department.


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