(1) These requirements are in addition to those requirements contained in rules generally applicable to Medicaid providers.

(2) Mental health center services may be provided only by a facility that is licensed as a mental health center by the department in accordance with the provisions of Title 50, chapter 5, part 2, MCA, and implementing administrative rules.

(3) Mental health center services must be provided by, or under the direction of a licensed physician.

(4) Mental health center services must be available to individuals continuously throughout the year.

(5) Mental health center services must be provided to an individual in accordance with an individualized strength-based treatment plan developed and maintained in accordance with license requirements.

(6) In addition to the clinical records required by mental health center license rules, the provider must maintain for day treatment services the records required by ARM 37.85.414, which shall include, but are not limited to, documentation of the individual's attendance and activities for the required period of time for the service billed and entry of progress notes in the individual's record at least every 30 days and upon any significant change in the individual's condition.

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