(1) All limited permit applicants shall take and pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) limited scope core examination.

(a) The ARRT limited scope core examination contains questions common to all areas of specified x-ray procedures and includes the following topics:

(i) basic radiobiology;

(ii) radiation protection;

(iii) imaging equipment;

(iv) x-ray physics;

(v) radiographic technique and principles of radiographic exposure;

(vi) darkroom procedures; and

(vii) interrelationship of the radiographic chain.

(2) In addition to the ARRT limited scope core examination, 104-hour course graduates shall complete a module examination for selected anatomic regions in which the applicant desires to be permitted.

(a) Each module examination shall include questions common to the individual module in the following areas:

(i) anatomy;

(ii) physiology;

(iii) pathology; and

(iv) x-ray technique.

(b) Limited permits are issued in Montana in the following five categories:

(i) chest;

(ii) extremities;

(iii) skull and sinuses;

(iv) spine; and

(v) abdomen, gastrointestinal tract, and hip and pelvis (state combined examination).

(3) "State combined examination" as used in this rule means the examination consisting of abdomen (AB), gastrointestinal tract (GI) (postfluoroscopy films only), and hip and pelvis examinations.

(4) Applicants may review their state combined examination with administrative staff for the board at the board office or at an approved site designated by the board.

(5) A nonrefundable fee will be assessed for the combined examination. After failing the combined examination, the applicant will be required to submit another state combined examination retake fee.

(6) Applicants for 104-hour course permit who fail any portion of the ARRT limited scope examination (core or any module examination) on two attempts shall be required to successfully complete additional coursework in the failed area(s) of the examination before being allowed to retake the failed portion(s) of the examination a third time.

(a) On a case-by-case hardship basis, the board may allow an unsuccessful applicant to receive tutoring in lieu of the additional coursework. A tutor must have at least five years experience as a licensed radiologic technologist and possess a current ARRT card or be a limited permit holder with five years experience and a current limited permit license. Limited permit holders cannot tutor radiologic technologists. The tutor must submit for board approval the tutor's qualifications and an outline of the materials and topics to be studied by the applicant under the instruction of the tutor. The applicant is responsible for paying all costs associated with the tutorial.

(7) Student permit applicants (having completed two semesters or its equivalent from a radiologic technology program accredited by a mechanism recognized by the ARRT) are only required to take the ARRT limited scope core examination. If student permit applicants fail the ARRT limited scope core examination on two attempts they shall retake:

(a) the limited scope core examination;

(b) all four individual module examinations; and

(c) the state combined examination.

(8) Temporary permit applicants (graduates of a radiologic technology program accredited by a mechanism recognized by the ARRT) who have failed the ARRT radiologic technologist examination four times shall take:

(a) the ARRT limited scope core examination;

(b) all four individual module examinations; and

(c) the state combined examination.

(9) A minimum passing score of 70 percent is required on the ARRT limited scope core examination, each module examination, and the state combined examination.

(10) All requests for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 USC 12101, et seq., in regard to a board-administered licensing examination must be made on forms provided by the board and submitted with the application for examination prior to any deadline set by the board.

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