(1) Energy generating systems or their components that are standard components of conventional buildings do not qualify for the alternative energy system credit. The department is authorized to adopt rules defining standard components of conventional buildings and to establish other necessary elements of passive solar systems.

(2) Passive solar energy systems, or the components of those systems that have been determined to be acceptable include:

(a) solar greenhouses, sun porches, and like structures that are properly situated, constructed, and ducted to the building for which they provide energy to be reasonably considered a complete or supplementary energy source for that building;

(b) components of a building that have been altered for energy collection, storage, or distribution to benefit the rest of the building, such as the addition of triple glazed windows to enclosed porches;

(c) windows installed in excess of "double-glazing;"

(d) thermal collection masses such as brick, stonework, and other types that were not present in the original structure and were not installed for a purpose other than energy storage; and

(e) the components of an envelope house necessary for energy generation and distribution in the "envelope house," such as the "envelope" area devoted solely to energy collection, storage, and distribution.

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