(1) General essential standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The board uses the Montana Public Library Annual Statistical Report to review the library's year-to-year progress and performance; and

(b) The library governing authority adopts emergency response plans that ensure the safety of the public and staff as the primary priority.

(2) General enhanced standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The library has a written three- to five-year long-range plan, and reviews it annually. The long-range plan addresses services, facilities, public relations, technology, etc;

(b) The board evaluates the library's performance against the stated objectives in the long-range plan; and

(c) The library must have a vision statement.

(3) General excellent standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) Community representatives, the board, and the director develop a long-range plan for the library; and

(b) At least every five years, the library conducts community studies and makes use of other needs assessment techniques to ensure community participation in the design and delivery of library service.

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