(1) General essential standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The board hires the director according to local, state, and federal regulations and delegates the day-to-day management of the library to the director;

(b) The board evaluates the performance of the director annually;

(c) Each public library has a paid director who is responsible for the administration of library services;

(d) Libraries that serve more than 25,000 people employ a library director with a graduate degree in library or information science or its equivalent; and

(e) All public library directors will be certified by the state library.

(2) General enhanced standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The director conducts a formal performance appraisal of each staff member at least annually;

(b) The library director informs the board of pending legislation that affects libraries on the local, state, and national levels;

(c) The library director reviews and updates procedures every three years; and

(d) The library director joins the State Library Association.

(3) General excellent standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The director keeps the community and funding officials aware of the library's purpose, planning, and services through the use of newspaper articles, web sites, radio programs, attending meetings, etc;

(b) The director forms collaborative partnerships with other agencies and organizations in the library's service area;

(c) Libraries that serve less than 25,000 people employ a library director who has an AA/AS or higher degree;

(d) In addition to the library director's annual evaluation, the library director is evaluated every three years by the board with the input of staff, library users, and/or library nonusers; and

(e) The board pays for the library director to join the State Library Association.

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