(1) General essential standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The board and the director determine the days of the week and the hours during the day to be open to provide maximum service;

(b) The library is open during the week at least the following minimum hours. Many libraries exceed this minimum because the community, the board, and the director recognize that the number of hours of public service leads to greater use by the public. A library with more than one service outlet may use the total nonoverlapping hours of all outlets to meet the minimum requirement;


Population Minimum Desirable
less than 3,500
more than 3,500
more than 10,000
more than 25,000


(c) Library users who wish to copy materials available from noncirculating items or from computer files must have access to a photocopy machine or printer;

(d) The library must have a telephone and answer telephone inquiries; and

(e) The library must provide access to resources and services for patrons with disabilities.

(2) General enhanced standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) Library customers are able to access library information from remote locations;

(b) When necessary, the library refers customers to other places to fulfill the customer's information needs; and

(c) Library has a web site where users can access electronic resources.

(3) General excellent standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The library provides appropriate access to library services for specialized populations, including, but not limited to, the homebound, the institutionalized, and non-English speaking populations.


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