(1) Special fire inspectors may be appointed in accordance with this section.

(2) A special fire inspector may be appointed to conduct inspections and investigations when the services are deemed necessary by the Department of Justice.

(3) Qualifications for persons appointed special fire inspector are:

(a) Any person appointed special deputy state fire marshal, except for a qualified inspector employed by another state agency, must have a degree in fire protection engineering or related field from a recognized institution of higher education, two years' experience in fire protection, or be ICC Fire Inspector I or Fire Inspector II certified.

(b) An employee of another agency of the state of Montana may be appointed special fire inspector for the purpose of conducting inspections or investigations authorized by the FPIS, if such employee is qualified by the employing agency as an inspector or investigator and is approved to conduct inspections or investigations by the Department of Justice.

(4) A special fire inspector may perform any duty with which the FPIS is charged by state law or rule, subject to the direction of the state fire marshal.

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