(1) The purpose of this subchapter is to provide uniform standards governing the storage, treatment, recycling, recovery, and disposal of solid waste.

(2) The rules in this subchapter are adopted to discharge the department's responsibilities under Title 75, chapter 10, part 2, MCA, "The Montana Solid Waste Management Act," by adopting rules governing solid waste management systems.

(3) All applicants, licensees, owners, and operators of solid waste management systems and facilities shall comply with this subchapter, except as otherwise specifically provided in this subchapter. Wherever there is a requirement imposed on an owner or operator in this subchapter, the licensee also shall comply with that requirement.

(4) Whenever a person, including an applicant or owner or operator, is required by this subchapter to submit a document for department approval of an action, the person may not take that action unless the person first submits a document containing all information necessary for the department to determine whether the action complies with the requirements of this subchapter and obtains department approval.

(5) When authorized by a court order or an agreement between the department and a landowner on whose property a violation of Title 75, chapter 10, part 2, MCA, or this subchapter has occurred, the department may act, either directly or through a third party, to physically remediate a violation of Title 75, chapter 10, part 2, MCA, or this subchapter.

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