(1) The community-based parent and children residential homes for individuals with substance use disorders serve parent(s) with dependent child(ren) who are in need of 24-hour supportive housing while undergoing on- or off-site treatment services for substance use disorder and life skills training for independent living. To be licensed to provide community-based parent and children residential homes for individuals with substance use disorders ASAM Level III.3 medium intensity treatment, a provider must meet the following:

(a) 24-hour staffing patterns or security patterns to afford sufficient security to assure the safety of residents, with the availability of 24-hour telephone consultation of a licensed clinician with competence in the treatment of substance dependence disorders. Staffing requirements may include but are not limited to:

(i) licensed addiction counselor (LAC);

(ii) individuals trained in managing co-occurring disorders;

(iii) case managers that have a minimum of two years of higher education or four or more years of related work experience and orientation to the facility's policies and procedures; and

(iv) rehabilitation aides that have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and orientation to the facilities policies and procedures.

(b) service requirements including but not limited to the following program policies must address:

(i) the delivery of ASAM Level III.3 treatment services either on- or off-site;

(ii) admission criteria indicating individuals appropriate for these settings;

(iii) how the treatment needs of both the parent(s) and child(ren) are identified and addressed;

(iv) how life skills training is provided as part of the daily living regimen and includes a curriculum to address independent living skills, vocational skills, and parenting skills;

(v) how services are coordinated to meet special needs of this population such as childcare, legal services, medical care, and transportation;

(vi) how age appropriate services are made available for children as needed;

(vii) assurance of a single gender of parent will be living at the facility;


(viii) assurance for safe visitation.

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