(1) The single gender facility functions as a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment for individuals in early stages of recovery from substance use disorders or individuals who are transitioning to less intensive levels of treatment services and in need of such housing. To be licensed to provide community-based residential sober housing homes for individuals with substance use disorders ASAM Level III.1 low intensity treatment, a provider must meet the following:

(a) staffing or security measures sufficient to assure the safety of residents, staffing requirements may include but are not limited to:

(i) licensed addiction counselor (LAC);

(ii) individuals trained in managing co-occurring disorders;

(iii) case managers that have a minimum of two years of higher education and orientation to the facilities policies and procedures; and

(iv) rehabilitation aides that have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED and orientation to the facilities policies and procedures.

(b) service requirements including but not limited to the following program policies must address:

(i) admission and length of stay criteria defining individuals appropriate for this setting;

(ii) how all treatment and supportive services are generally off-site in community-based agencies; and

(iii) assurance the program is designed and focused on helping individuals with limited life skills and generally focus on helping individuals achieve employment, maintain a daily schedule of work, support group meetings, assigned treatment sessions, and learning how to cooperate and assume responsibility in a community setting.

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