(1) A YCF shall develop and maintain a youth's rights policy that supports and protects the fundamental human, civil, constitutional, and statutory rights of all youth. These rights shall include but are not limited to the following:

(a) freedom from abuse, neglect, and unnecessary physical restraint;

(b) educational services in accordance with Montana state law, if the YCF operates during the school year;

(c) recognition and respect in the delivery of services;

(d) receive care according to individual need;

(e) personal privacy, when it is not contrary to the treatment and safety of the youth;

(f) family contact by mail and phone, as long as the contact is not contrary to the treatment and safety needs of the youth; and

(g) consideration of the youth's opinions and recommendations when developing the youth's case plan with documentation of the youth's input.

(2) The YCF shall have a youth grievance policy and procedures.

(3) The program shall review the youth's rights policy with the youth at the time of admission. The youth and staff reviewing the policy shall sign a statement acknowledging the review. The statement must be maintained in the youth's record.

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