(1) When a youth is admitted to a YCF, the YCF shall enter into a written placement agreement with the placing agency and/or parents or guardian, except when the facility has an existing written agreement with the placing agency that meets the requirements in (2).

(2) The placement agreement must contain the terms of the youth's placement, the responsibilities of the YCF, the placing agency's responsibilities, and when appropriate, the parent's or guardian's responsibilities.

(3) No youth from out of state shall be accepted into the YCF without the approval of the interstate compact administrator pursuant to Title 41, chapter 4, part 1, MCA.

(4) Placement agreements do not expressly or implicitly modify or supersede any other agreement between the provider and the department, and are not sufficient as written agreements to modify any other agreement between the provider and the department. All modifications of those other agreements must be in writing.

(5) An exception to the placement agreement requirement may be granted until custody for youth placed under runaway grant funding has been determined.

History: 52-2-111, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; IMP, 52-2-113, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 387, Eff. 3/25/11.