(1) A YCF shall have and follow written policies and procedures regarding the storage, administration, and disposal of prescription, nonprescription, and over-the-counter medication.

(2) All medication must be kept in a locked nonportable container, stored in its original container with the original prescription label. For medications taken on outings, all medication must be in the possession of a staff member trained to assist with the self-administration of medications.

(3) Staff who assist with self-administration must be trained to assistin proper medication procedures. Training must be documented in each staff member's personnel file.

(4) All prescription medications must be ordered by licensed health care professionals working within the scope of their practice. All prescription orders must contain the dosage to be given.

(5) Psychotropic medication is prohibited unless a licensed health care professional working within the scope of that professional's practice determines that the medications are clinically indicated.

(6) Under no circumstances may psychotropic or any other prescription or over-the-counter medication be given for disciplinary purposes, for the convenience of the staff, or as a substitute for other appropriate treatment services.

(7) A written record of all medications self-administered by a youth must be maintained. The record must include but is not limited to:

(a) youth's name;

(b) name and dosage of the medication;

(c) the date and time the medication was taken or was refused by the youth;

(d) name of the staff member who assisted in the self-administration of the medication; and

(e) documentation of any medication errors, results of errors, and any effects observed.

(8) Prescribed medication may not be stopped or changed in dosage or administration without first consulting with a licensed health care professional. Results of the consultation must be recorded in the youth's record. The licensed health care professional shall document in writing any changes to medication. This documentation must be kept as part of the youth's case record.

(9) Placing workers, parents, or custodial guardians must be notified of all medications prescribed to youth including medication changes.

(10) All unused and expired medication must be properly disposed of and documented in the youth's case record.

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