(1) For youth age 16 and older a YCF may assist in:

(a) preparing youth for economic independence;

(b) referring youth to the appropriate independent living program; and

(c) opportunity to obtain the skills necessary for employment as determined to be appropriate to meet the individual's needs. Such skills include but are not limited to:

(i) completing applications;

(ii) personal appearances for employment situations;

(iii) attitudes toward employment; and

(iv) interviewing for jobs.

(2) A YCF shall distinguish between tasks which youth are expected to perform as part of living together, jobs to earn spending money, and jobs performed for vocational training. Youth in care may not be used as employees of the YCF without prior approval of the department.

(3) Youth may be given age appropriate, nonvocational work assignments within the youth's capabilities as a constructive experience. The work assignment shall comply with all state and federal labor laws.

History: 52-2-111, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; IMP, 52-2-113, 52-2-603, 52-2-622, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 387, Eff. 3/25/11.