(1) Each child care agency shall maintain accurate and current records on each youth in care, including:

(a) identifying information on the youth and the youth's family, including the youth's name, date and place of birth, sex, religion, race, names of relatives, and other necessary information;

(b) date of the youth's admission and name of the referring party;

(c) date of the youth's discharge and authorization for the discharge;

(d) documentation concerning a youth's specific medical problems; and

(e) a dated record of significant occurrences for each youth while in care.

(2) Additional records to be kept by all child care agencies, except receiving homes, include:

(a) a copy of the court order, parental agreement, consent decree, or consent adjustment authorizing the youth's placement and any other pertinent court action concerning the youth;

(b) a report stating the reasons for placement and the current case plan;

(c) a social history on the youth and youth's family;

(d) psychological or psychiatric information on the youth if psychological or psychiatric services have been provided to the youth at any time;

(e) quarterly progress reports on the youth's reaction to the placement and services provided;

(f) quarterly reports from any parties providing any services to the youth outside the child care agency; and

(g) a case plan with written quarterly reviews of the plan.

(3) In addition, a copy of the youth's most recent physical examination must be kept by the child care agency.

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