(1) The child care agency shall have a written description of its treatment program which must be made available to the placing youth's agency, parent, or guardian. The written description shall include but not be limited to:

(a) the name, position, and qualification of the person who has overall responsibility for the treatment program;

(b) identification of staff responsible for planning and implementing the various treatment procedures and techniques;

(c) description of staff competencies and qualifications;

(d) description of staff training requirements;

(e) description of the various treatment procedures and techniques used;

(f) the anticipated levels of disturbance for which such procedures and techniques are to be used;

(g) provisions for follow-up and after care;

(h) provisions for transfer to another treatment resource when goals for treatment of a particular youth have not been met or further treatment is required;

(i) description of procedures used for assessing the appropriateness of the treatment strategy for each particular youth;

(j) provisions for ongoing monitoring and recording; and

(k) procedures for regular review of the overall treatment program and the individualized treatment strategies.

(2) The treatment program must be designed to provide:

(a) adequate safeguards for the youth's health and welfare;

(b) the least restrictive method to accomplish treatment goals; and

(c) usage of available community resources.

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