(1) An outpatient center for primary care must meet the requirements of ARM Title 37, chapter 106, subchapter 3 relating to minimum standards for all health care facilities.

(2) An outpatient center for primary care shall have a written policy and procedure manual as described in 37.106.1010 available to and followed by all personnel.

(3) Each outpatient center for primary care shall employ, or contract with, a medical director who shall:

(a) coordinate with and advise the staff of the center on clinical matters;

(b) provide direction, consultation, and training regarding the center operations as needed;

(c) act as a liaison for the center with community physicians, hospital staff, and other professionals and agencies; and

(d) ensure the quality of treatment and related services through participation in the center's quality assurance process as outlined in the center's policies and procedures.

(4) Nursing services must be provided by or under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse.

(5) Standing orders utilized for emergency or post-operative care shall be recorded in each patient's medical record and dated and signed by the patient's licensed health care professional.

(6) An outpatient center for primary care shall maintain a medical record for each patient that includes the following information:

(a) identification data;

(b) chief complaint;

(c) present illness;

(d) medical history;

(e) physical examination;

(f) laboratory and imaging reports;

(g) treatment administered;

(h) tissue report;

(i) progress reports; and

(j) discharge summary.

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