20.9.616    FIRE SAFETY

(1) The facility shall conform to applicable federal, state, and/or local fire safety codes. Compliance must be documented by the authority having jurisdiction. A fire alarm and automatic detection system are required and must be approved by the authority having jurisdiction.

(2) Written policy, procedure, and practice must specify the facility's fire prevention regulations and practices. These must include but are not limited to the following:

(a) provision for an adequate fire protection service;

(b) a system of fire inspection and testing of equipment at least quarterly or at intervals approved by the authority having jurisdiction, following the procedures stated for variances, exception, or equivalencies;

(c) an annual inspection by local or state officials or other qualified person; and

(d) availability of fire protection equipment at appropriate locations throughout the facility.

(3) Written policy, procedure, and practice must provide for a comprehensive and thorough weekly inspection of the facility by a designated staff member for compliance with safety and fire prevention standards. This policy and procedure must be reviewed annually and updated as needed.

(4) The facility must have documentation showing that specification for the selection and purchase of facility furnishings indicate the fire safety performance requirements of the materials selected.

(5) Facilities must be designated and maintained as smoke-free buildings. Special containers must be provided for flammable liquids, for rags used with flammable liquids, and for other combustible refuse. All receptacles and containers must be emptied and cleaned daily.

(6) The facility must have written policy, procedure, and practice governing the control and use of all flammable, toxic, and caustic materials.

(7) The facility must have a written evacuation plan prepared in the event of fire or major emergency that is certified by an independent, outside inspector trained in the application of appropriate codes. The plan must be reviewed annually, updated as needed, and reissued to the local fire jurisdiction. The plan must include the following:

(a) location of building/room floor plan;

(b) use of exit signs and directional arrows for traffic flow;

(c) location of publicly posted plan;

(d) monthly drills in all occupied locations of the facility; and

(e) staff drills when evacuation of dangerous residents is not permitted.

(8) All facility personnel must be trained in the implementation of written emergency plans.

(9) Written policy, procedure, and practice must specify the means for the immediate release of youth from locked areas in case of emergency and provide for a backup system.

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