(1) Bee diseases and pests regulated under Title 80, chapter 6, parts 1 through 3, MCA, are as follows:

(a) American Foulbrood (Bacillus larvae);

(b) Africanized bees (Apis mellifera scutellata);

(c) Cape bees (Apis mellifera capensis);

(d) Tropilaelaps mites (Tropilaelaps clareae, T. koenigerum, T. thaii, and T. mercedesae); and

(e) Small-hive beetle (Aethina tumida).

(2) The department may conduct inspections for other bee diseases for export certification purposes based on requirements of destination states.


History: 80-6-101, 80-6-201, MCA; IMP, 80-6-101, 80-6-201, MCA; NEW, 1993 MAR p. 2120, Eff. 9/17/93; AMD, 2010 MAR p. 2650, Eff. 11/13/10.