(1) If the commissioner determines that the continued operation of the insurer licensed to transact business in this state may be hazardous to its policyholders, creditors, or the general public, then the commissioner may, upon such a determination, issue an order requiring the insurer to:

(a) reduce the total amount of present and potential liability for policy benefits by reinsurance;

(b) reduce, suspend, or limit the volume of business being accepted or renewed;

(c) reduce general insurance and commission expenses by specified methods;

(d) increase the insurer's capital and surplus;

(e) suspend or limit the declaration and payment of dividend by an insurer to its stockholders or to its policyholders;

(f) file reports in a form acceptable to the commissioner concerning the market value of an insurer's assets;

(g) limit or withdraw from certain investments or discontinue certain investment practices to the extent the commissioner deems necessary;

(h) document the adequacy of premium rates in relation to the risks insured;

(i) file, in addition to regular annual statements, interim financial reports on the form adopted by the NAIC or in such format as promulgated by the commissioner;

(j) correct corporate governance practice deficiencies, and adopt and utilize governance practices acceptable to the commissioner;

(k) provide a business plan to the commissioner in order to continue to transact business in the state; and

(l) notwithstanding any other provision of law limiting the frequency or amount of premium rate adjustments, adjust rates for any non-life insurance product written by the insurer that the commissioner considers necessary to improve the financial condition of the insurer.

(2) If the insurer is a foreign insurer the commissioner's order may be limited to the extent provided by statute.

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