(1) This rule applies only to the DCRP.

(2) A "participant" may be a member or a "primary" or "contingent beneficiary."

(3) Disability benefits under the defined contribution plan may not be divided by a FLO.

(4) In the PERS defined contribution retirement plan, the payments to an alternate payee are allowed as follows:

(a) The FLO must state the amount or the proportion, or it must describe the method for calculating the amount or proportion.

(b) If the participant is not eligible for a distribution of their account, the alternate payee's amount or proportion must be paid as soon as administratively feasible.

(c) If the participant is receiving or is eligible to receive distributions from their account, the alternate payees' amount or proportion must be paid from the distributions as set out in the applicable family law order.

(d) The fixed amount, the designated monthly dollar amount, the designated number of months, and the proportion may not be changed by future conditions or events.

(e) Payments will end when:

(i) payments to the participant end;

(ii) the fixed amount is paid; or

(iii) the account is depleted.

History: 19-2-403, 19-2-907, MCA; IMP, 19-2-907, MCA; NEW, 2002 MAR p. 2182, Eff. 8/16/02; TRANS, from ARM 2.43.1702, 2009 MAR p. 78, Eff. 12/1/08; AMD, 2011 MAR p. 1678, Eff. 8/26/11.