(1) The board shall approve medication aide I training programs. The program must include the following components:

(a) "the six rights of medication administration";

(b) purposes of medications;

(c) classes of medications;

(d) allowable routes of administration of medications;

(e) care, storage, and regulation of controlled substances and medications;

(f) how to administer medications;

(g) adverse reactions, side effects, and allergies to medications;

(h) medication log;

(i) medication error reporting;

(j) documentation;

(k) how and when to report to the supervising nurse; and

(l) a skills checklist.

(2) The training program shall be no less than 32 hours of didactic classroom presentation, eight hours of simulated practical experience, and 40 hours of direct, supervised clinical experience.

(3) The training program must assure an instructor to student ratio of one instructor to no more than five students in the clinical practice setting and one instructor to no more than ten students in the clinical laboratory setting. The supervised clinical experience shall be obtained under the direction of a nurse with an unencumbered Montana license, and who need not be the board-approved instructor.

(4) The board shall approve instructors for medication aide I training programs. The training program instructor must:

(a) be a nurse with an unencumbered Montana license;

(b) have at least two years of nursing experience in the last five years, one year of which shall be in long-term care or home health, hospice, assisted living, or other community based setting; or, be a state certified nursing assistant instructor; and

(c) have a working knowledge of assisted living facility rules and regulations.

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