(1) The proceeds from a sale of state trust land must be deposited in the land banking trust fund to which the land belonged.

(2) When the board conducts a sale of state trust land pursuant to the land banking program, the board shall distribute the proceeds according to the provisions of 77-1-109, 77-2-337, and 77-2-361 through 77-2-367, MCA.

(3) Proceeds from the sale of land from trusts may be pooled to acquire tracts of land to add to state trust land, if approved by the board after consultation with the affected beneficiaries.

(4) When land banking expires, any proceeds remaining in the state trust land bank fund must be expended by the tenth year after the effective date of each sale.

(5) Any remaining proceeds must be deposited in the appropriate permanent trust fund.

(6) The department shall account separately for individual trust receipts.

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