(1) Every water or wastewater treatment system must have an individual in responsible charge at the system site or on call at all times who can respond in a timely manner to threats to public or environmental health.

(2) Except as provided in this rule, the individual in responsible charge of a system must be a fully certified operator for that class or a more complex class of system.

(3) An operator with a temporary certificate or an operator-in-training certificate may be the operator in responsible charge of a system upon:

(a) written request to the department by the system owner and verification by the owner that the system is unable to employ a fully certified operator; and

(b) a finding by the department that the operator has the basic knowledge necessary to operate the system and that public health will be protected. The department shall base its decision on:

(i) the results of any on-site inspection of the system;

(ii) review of the plans and specifications of the system;

(iii) review of the operator's records, experience and training; and

(iv) examination of any other reasonably available and relevant information.

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