24.111.409    INACTIVE STATUS

(1) While on inactive status, a licensee is prohibited from practicing under that license.

(2) To place a license on inactive status, a licensee shall, during the renewal period:

(a) submit a written request to the board;

(b) return the licensee's wall certificate and current license to the board office; and

(c) pay the appropriate inactive status fee.

(3) A licensee on inactive status shall:

(a) renew according to renewal dates specified in ARM 24.101.413;

(b) pay the appropriate inactive status fee; and

(c) meet all other conditions of licensure, except that licensees on inactive status:

(i) are not required to maintain CPR or neonatal resuscitation credentials while on inactive status;

(ii) are exempt from CE requirements; and

(iii) are exempt from reporting requirements pursuant to ARM 24.111.613.

(4) No license may remain on inactive status for more than 26 consecutive months, excluding any time required for board review of a request to return to active status.

(5) Requests to return to active status must include the following:

(a) a completed request on a form prescribed by the department;

(b) verification of the licensee's good standing from every jurisdiction in which the licensee was licensed during the inactive status period;

(c) an official report on the licensee from the National Practitioner Databank;

(d) if the request is not submitted with a renewal application, a license fee equal to the difference between the inactive status fee and the active status fee;

(e) if the request is submitted with a renewal application, the request must also include all requirements and fees required for renewal of an active license; and

(f) any other proof or information as reasonably required by the board.

(6) Department staff may process requests to return to active status without further board review upon proof of the following:

(a) licensee is not subject to legal or disciplinary action in this or any other jurisdiction;

(b) all fees are paid in full;

(c) all CPR and neonatal resuscitation credentials required for licensure are current; and

(d) one year's continuing education requirements are met and verified by certificates.


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