36.17.607    DEFINITIONS

As used in this subchapter, the following definitions apply unless the context requires otherwise:

(1) "Act" or "RRGL program" means the statutes establishing the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL) in Title 85, chapter 1, part 6, MCA.

(2) "Applicant" means the following who submit an application under the act, meeting the purposes and policies of the act pursuant to 85-1-601, MCA:

(a) a local governmental or state governmental entity eligible under 85-1-605, MCA;

(b) a tribal government eligible under 85-1-605, MCA; or

(c) a private person that is an individual, association, partnership, corporation, or other governmental entity that is not eligible for loans and grants under 85-1-605, MCA.

(3) "Application" means an application for a renewable resource grant or loan submitted by an applicant in accordance with the act and the rules adopted pursuant to the act.

(4) "Bureau" means the Resource Development Bureau of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

(5) "Conservation" means the promotion of efficient and/or sustainable use of a renewable resource.

(6) "Department" means the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation provided for in Title 2, chapter 15, part 33, MCA.

(7) "Development" means a new beneficial and sustainable use of a renewable resource.

(8) "Director" means the director of the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation as provided for under 2-15-3301, MCA.

(9) "Management" means activities that improve governing entities' ability to control and administer a renewable resource.

(10) "Preservation" means the protection of a renewable resource from pollution, destruction, or neglect.

(11) "Program costs" means nonreimbursable costs not directly related to the project. Program costs include, but are not limited to:

(a) office rent that will be incurred whether or not the project is implemented;

(b) salaries of existing fully funded staff positions unless the work-hours associated with the project are accounted for; or

(c) any other costs that pay for ongoing or general services of the applicant.

(12) "Project costs" means costs that will be incurred only by implementing the project described in the application, and whose funding source is:

(a) RRGL program funds;

(b) matching dollars; or

(c) in-kind contributions.

(13) "Public benefits" means a benefit that accrues to the common well-being, safety, health, or welfare of the citizens of Montana from a renewable resource project including, but not limited to the benefits that accrue to an applicant.

(14) "Public resource" means land, air, water, fish, wildlife, and recreation opportunities.

(15) "Renewable resource" means a sustainable natural resource including water, wind, renewable energy, soil, wetlands, fish and aquatic habitat, wildlife habitat, range land, crop land, and forests.

(16) "Renewable resource grant" means a project grant approved by the Legislature for the enhancement of a renewable resource meeting the objectives of 85-1-602, MCA.

(17) "Renewable resource project" or "project" as used in conjunction with Title 85, chapter 1, part 6, MCA, means any activity or development that conserves, develops, manages, or preserves a renewable resource; and does not result in a long-term adverse impact to land, air, water, fish, wildlife, or recreation opportunities.

(18) "Renewable resource planning grant" means a grant to provided funding for any preliminary or planning activity that would contribute to a renewable resource project as determined by the bureau. Examples include, but are not limited to grants to provide funding for preliminary engineering reports, resource assessments, or technical reports.

History: 85-1-612, MCA; IMP, 85-1-612; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 746, Eff. 4/13/12.