(1) Governmental, tribal, and private grant and/or loan applicants shall submit applications according to these rules and the guidelines published by the bureau.

(a) Application guidelines may be obtained from, and completed applications must be submitted with supporting documentation to, the Resource Development Bureau, Conservation and Resource Development Division, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, P.O. Box 201601, 1625 Eleventh Avenue, Helena, MT 59620-1601.

(2) The application requirements for governmental and tribal applicants as described in the guidelines must include at a minimum:

(a) an authorizing statement signed by an authorized representative of the applicant;

(b) a proposal abstract providing a brief project description stating how the project's benefits support the RRGL program purpose;

(c) a renewable resource and public benefits narrative describing how and to what extent a project benefits a renewable resource under the RRGL program pursuant to the purposes of the program stated in 85-1-601, MCA. A project that does not further the state's purposes as stated in 85-1-601(2), MCA, is ineligible for a grant;

(d) a technical narrative documenting the technical feasibility of the project. A project that is not technically feasible is ineligible for a grant or loan;

(e) a project management plan explaining how the project and the grant will be managed. An application that does not demonstrate the applicant's ability to manage the grant project is ineligible for a grant or loan;

(f) a financial feasibility narrative demonstrating that the funding is obtainable to complete the project and that the project can be completed within the proposed budget. A financial feasibility narrative must include:

(i) project costs that will be reimbursed with grant or loan funds; and

(ii) program costs that are not reimbursable costs and may not be included as project costs. An application that does not document financial feasibility is ineligible for a grant or loan;

(g) an environmental narrative and checklist evaluating the potential environmental impact of the project and each project alternative with identification of mitigation measures. An application that does not have a complete environmental narrative and checklist is ineligible for consideration; and

(h) if applicable, a narrative describing how the project will implement the state water plan.

(3) Upon receipt of an application, the bureau will review the application.

(a) An application submitted by a governmental agency must be signed by the agency head. An application is not complete if it is filed without the written authorization of the agency head. If the application is incomplete, it shall be returned to the agency and the fee shall not be returned.

(4) Any application returned under this rule may not be resubmitted in the same cycle in which it was returned.

History: 85-1-612, MCA; IMP, 85-1-612, 85-1-616, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 746, Eff. 4/13/12.