(1) A supervising broker endorsement will be issued to any broker completing the supervising broker pre-endorsement course.

(2) An out-of-state broker shall complete the supervising broker pre-endorsement course before being issued the supervising broker endorsement.

(3) To maintain the supervising broker endorsement, a broker shall complete four hours each licensure year of board-approved education in the area of supervising broker continuing education as designated by the board. This education will be part of the overall continuing education requirement.

(4) Only brokers with a current supervising broker endorsement or who are attempting to reinstate an expired endorsement may get credit for completing supervising broker continuing education.

(5) A supervising broker who obtains the endorsement by grandfathering may complete the supervising broker pre-endorsement education course and receive continuing education credit one time.

(6) Failure to complete the four-hour supervising broker continuing education requirement shall result in the lapsing, expiration, or termination of the supervising broker endorsement pursuant to 37-1-141, MCA.

(7) A lapsed or expired supervising broker endorsement may be renewed pursuant to 37-1-141, MCA.

(8) A supervising broker endorsement cannot be placed on inactive status. In order to maintain the endorsement, the supervising broker must complete the supervising broker continuing education annually. Failure to complete the supervising broker continuing education will result in the endorsement lapsing, expiring, and terminating.

(9) A supervising broker endorsement that has terminated cannot be reinstated. A broker will be required to meet the current requirements to obtain the supervising broker endorsement again.

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