(1) A sufficient supply of clean, dry diapers shall be available and diapers shall be changed as frequently as needed. Disposable diapers, a commercial diaper service, or reusable diapers supplied by the child's family may be used. If nondisposable diapers are used, the facility may launder the diapers using a germicidal process approved by the state or local health department. In the absence of such a process, the facility may not launder nondisposable diapers of enrolled children.

(2) Soiled reusable diapers shall be placed into separate cleanable covered containers provided with waterproof liners prior to transport to laundry, parent, or acceptable disposal. These containers shall be emptied, cleaned and disinfected daily. Soiled disposable diapers shall be disposed of immediately into an outside trash disposal or put in a securely tied plastic bag and discarded indoors until outside disposal is possible. Reusable diapers shall be removed from the facility daily.

(3) Diaper-changing surfaces shall be cleaned after each use by washing or by changing a pad or disposable sheeting and sanitized or covered for reuse.

(4) Soft, absorbent, disposable towels, or clean reusable towels which have been laundered between each use shall be used for cleaning the child.

(5) Safety pins shall be kept out of reach of infants and toddlers.

(6) Infants and toddlers shall not be left unattended on a surface from which they might fall.

(7) All toilet articles shall be specifically labeled for each infant and toddler. Each item must be separated and kept in a sanitary condition.

(8) Diapering and toileting areas shall contain a wash basin that is separate from that used for food preparation.

(9) Toilet training shall be initiated when the toddler is ready and in consultation with the toddler's parents or placement agency. There shall be no routine attempt to toilet train children under the age of 18 months.


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