(1) All models and/or types of PAST devices used for testing must be approved by the division. A list of approved PAST devices will be maintained at the division.

(2) Individuals conducting PASTs as authorized by statute must be certified as breath-test specialists.

(3) Individuals certified as breath-test specialists pursuant to ARM 23.4.216 on or before July 1, 1995, are deemed to be PAST-certified after attending a PAST operation course approved by the division. Individuals certified as breath-test specialists after July 1, 1995, are deemed to be PAST-certified.

(4) Individuals responsible for field certification of the PAST must receive training approved by the division outlining the procedures for conducting such certifications.

(5) All PAST results will be recorded in a manner approved by the division. As presently used, the results shall be reported only as positive or negative.

(6) PAST results of 0.020 G/210L or greater shall be considered positive for the presence of alcohol, and PAST results of less than 0.020 G/210L shall be considered negative for the presence of alcohol.


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