(1) The basic education program, aligned to the program area standards, for grades 9 through 12 shall be at least 20 units of coursework that enable all students to meet the content standards and content-specific grade-level learning progressions.

(2) Instruction in reading literacy and writing literacy shall be incorporated into all required and elective program areas as required in the Montana Common Core Standards, ARM Title 10, chapter 53.

(3) Minimum offerings shall include at least the following:

(a) 4 units of English language arts;

(b) 3 units of mathematics;

(c) 3 units of science;

(d) 3 units of social studies;

(e) 2 units of career and technical education;

(f) 2 units of arts;

(g) 1 unit of health enhancement;

(h) 2 units of world languages; and

(i) 2 units of electives.



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