(1) As a minimum, a school district's requirements for graduation shall include a total of 20 units of study that enable all students to meet the content standards and content-specific grade-level learning progressions.

(2) In order to meet the content and performance standards, the following 13 units shall be part of the 20 units required for all students to graduate:

(a) 4 units of English language arts;

(b) 2 units of mathematics;

(c) 2 units of social studies;

(d) 2 units of science;

(e) 1 unit of health enhancement, with 1/2 unit each year for two years;

(f) 1 unit of arts; and

(g) 1 unit of career and technical education.

(3) Units of credit earned in any Montana high school accredited by the Board of Public Education shall be accepted by all Montana high schools.

(4) In accordance with the policies of the local board of trustees, students may be graduated from high school with less than four years enrollment.


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