(1) The plan for the conduct of an election or elections held on the same election day must include:

(a) a statement indicating the type of jurisdiction involved including sufficient information to demonstrate that it is in fact one of the jurisdictions for which the mail ballot option is available;

(b) a description of the type of election to be conducted;

(c) the estimated number of eligible electors in the jurisdiction at the time the plan is written;

(d) if the jurisdiction is a multicounty district, a listing of the other election administrators involved and a statement designating which one will function as the chief election administrator for that specific election;

(e) if the election is for school district purposes designate who will conduct the election--school district clerk (election administrator) or county election administrator;

(f) if proportional voting is required, a reference to the applicable statute and a complete description of the method to be used to satisfy the statutory requirements for proportional voting;

(g) if voting is permitted by electors who are eligible but otherwise not registered, a description of the eligibility requirements;

(h) the total number of "places of deposit," other than the election office contemplated, if any, together with the address of each and a description of its nature;

(i) a written timetable for the conduct of the election prepared in accordance with the specifications set forth in ARM 44.3.2703 below;

(j) an indication of how postage will be handled for:

(i) returned as undeliverable (e.g., "return postage guaranteed"); and

(ii) returns (e.g., elector to apply own postage or postage pre-paid, how);

(k) if the election is for school district purposes, a brief narrative of the procedures to be followed from the time the ballots are received from the electors until they are tabulated, including arrangements made for transfer of ballots from/to the school district clerk and the county election administrator for verification of signatures;

(l) a description of the procedures to be used to ensure ballot security at all stages of the process.

(m) sample written instructions shall be consistent with 13-19-205, MCA.

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