(1) A functional behavior assessment is the gathering of information about a person's behavior based upon multiple information sources, including:

(a) a review of the person's records;

(b) personal observations;

(c) interviews with support providers;

(d) interviews with the person; and

(e) interviews with others who have personal knowledge of the person.

(2) A functional behavior assessment must include:

(a) a clear and measurable description of the challenging behavior, including frequency, duration, intensity, and severity of the behavior;

(b) a clear description of the need to alter the behavior;

(c) a clear description of medical, psychological, psychiatric, physiological, and environmental conditions in terms of how they may affect the occurrence of the challenging behavior;

(d) the events, times, and situations that predict both the occurrence and the nonoccurrence of the challenging behavior and a description of the events immediately preceding and following the behavior;

(e) summary statement(s) regarding the function(s) that may be maintaining the challenging behavior;

(f) data confirming the function of the challenging behavior and the strategies for reducing or eliminating the challenging behavior;

(g) functional alternative behavior that serves to meet the same function as the challenging behavior; and

(h) a clear and measurable procedure that will be used to alter the challenging behavior.

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