(1) An initial personal support plan (PSP) must be developed by the PSP team with the participation of the person within 30 calendar days of the person's entry into a service program or when the person moves from services in one community to services in another community. The PSP may be reviewed within 60 days of adoption if needed to accurately reflect the person's needs for support and services. The PSP must be reviewed annually by the PSP team and updated to accurately reflect the person's needs for support and services.

(2) The person's case manager must schedule and facilitate all PSP meetings. The case manager:

(a) sends written notice to the person and the person's legal representative at least 14 days prior to the PSP meeting;

(b) meets with the person or the person and the PSP team prior to the PSP meeting to develop the person's vision statements; and

(c) posts the completed PSP on the department-approved data management system within 21 calendar days of the PSP meeting and provides a copy, if requested, to PSP team members who do not have access to the data management system.

(3) Providers must submit the assessments required by ARM 37.34.1105 with summaries to the case manager at least 14 calendar days prior to the PSP meeting and submit action plans no later than 14 calendar days after the PSP meeting.

(4) The day after the PSP meeting is the effective date of the PSP.

(5) The PSP team must conduct an annual PSP meeting with the person within the same month as the person's last annual PSP meeting.

(6) Each provider will revise the lifestyle and wellness, general information, and financial page in the PSP if the needs of the person necessitate a revision.

(7) Any member of the PSP team may request a review, or a revision, or both a review and revision to the PSP, as determined by the person's needs.

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