(1) Each personal support plan (PSP) must include the following:

(a) Vision statements that describe where the person wants to live or work, what the person would like to learn, what social opportunities the person would like to be involved in, and what interests the person would like to pursue. Vision statements are written for a one to three year span of time.

(b) Outcome statements that define what the person wants to accomplish, written in the person's own words when possible, and directly relate to the person's vision statements.

(c) Action statements that define how the person will achieve the outcomes described in (b).

(2) A PSP may include an action plan developed by the provider responsible for completing the specific action. If an action plan is required, the provider must:

(a) develop the action plan in accordance with department policy;

(b) describe the training and support the person needs to achieve the action statements required in (1)(c); and

(c) provide the action plan to the case manager within 14 days after the PSP meeting.

(3) A PSP must include an action plan developed by the provider when the person has the following needs:

(a) self-administration of medication;

(b) supported employment;

(c) rights restrictions; or

(d) positive behavior supports approved according to ARM Title 37, chapter 34, subchapter 14.

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