(1) Each judicial district and the department shall monitor the judicial district's annual allocation to ensure the judicial district does not exceed its annual allocation.

(2) In order to properly monitor the judicial district's annual allocation, the judicial district shall input costs for services to youth into the CAPS system or alternative system of payment processing. If a judicial district has extenuating circumstances that require an expenditure outside the CAPS system or alternative system of payment processing, the judicial district shall obtain the department's approval prior to the expenditure.

(3) The department will provide technical assistance to any judicial district that requests assistance with monitoring its annual allocation.

(4) The department shall prepare a monthly budget status report that indicates the amount each judicial district has expended or committed to expend from its annual allocation and the amount remaining in the allocation.

(a) The department shall submit the monthly budget status report to each judicial district and to the cost containment review panel.

(b) If it appears to the department that the judicial district will exceed its annual allocation, the department will notify the judicial district and the cost containment review panel of the judicial district's expected excess and advise the judicial district of appropriate procedures and actions it should take to come into compliance with the spending authority it has or procedures with which it must comply to receive additional funds from the cost containment pool.

(5) The department shall reconcile allocations with expenses for all judicial districts. If the department encounters an error or irregularity in a judicial district's account, the department shall request the Office of Court Administrator review the error or irregularity to determine if an audit of the judicial district's account is necessary. After consultation with the department, if the Office of Court Administrator elects to pursue an audit of the judicial district's account, the department will assist with the audit as necessary.

(6) The department will process payments to providers after expenditures have been properly entered into the CAPS system or have been approved as indicated in (2).

(a) The department financial and program chief will approve expenditures that are appropriately documented and entered within 30 days of commencement of service or within five working days of changes of placement or closure of services.

(b) The department will generate payments within 30 days of approval by the department's financial and program chief.


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