(1) The operating company must keep physical records of all training. These records may be, audited at any time upon request by the Department of Transportation.

(2) The certification by the operating company will consist of the following:

(a) Each driver must complete an initial one-time road test consisting of at least 200 miles or four hours of driving a special vehicle combination. The road test must include driving the special vehicle combination under actual driving circumstances to include mountain driving and entering and exiting interchanges when applicable.

(b) Each company must provide its drivers with a documented annual review of the following:

(i) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as required in section 391.25.

(ii) State laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of special vehicle combinations (triples), including under adverse weather conditions.

(iii) The above certification is to be noted on the driver's "Violation and Review Record" (ATA Form C0680 or comparable) by the carrier.


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