(1) The content of the legend on each sign panel shall be limited to the identification and directional information for no more than one eligible business, service, or activity facility. The legends shall not include promotional advertising.

(2) Each sign panel shall have a maximum of two lines of legend including no more than one symbol, a separate directional arrow, and the distance to the facility displayed beneath the arrow. Arrows pointing to the left or up should be at the extreme left of the sign panel. Arrows pointing to the right should be at the extreme right of the sign panel. Symbols, when used, should be to the left of the word legend or logo sign panel.

(3) General service sign symbols and the symbols for recreational and cultural interest area signs which meet all MUTCD standards, may be used. Logo sign panels for specific businesses, services and activities may also be used. Upon an applicant's request through the franchisee, the department shall determine whether hours of operation may be displayed on the sign panels.

(4) The tourist-oriented directional sign (TODS) may display the word message "tourist activities" at the top of the sign.

(5) Logos resembling official traffic control devices are prohibited.

(6) Tourist-oriented directional signs (TODS) shall meet all MUTCD standards for color and height of letters.


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