(1) The term of an APRN's prescriptive authority is concurrent with licensure and ends every two years on the date set by ARM 24.101.413.

(2) To renew prescriptive authority, the APRN shall submit:

(a) a completed prescriptive authority renewal application and a nonrefundable fee;

(b) affirmation of a minimum of 12 contact hours of accredited education in pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics, and/or clinical management of drug therapy completed during the two years immediately preceding the effective date of the prescriptive authority renewal period; and

(c) these contact hours can be used to satisfy 12 of the required 24 contact hours to renew the APRN license.

(3) When an APRN fails to renew prescriptive authority prior to the renewal date of that authority, the APRN's prescriptive authority will lapse and expire after 45 days. The APRN whose prescriptive authority has expired may not prescribe and must reapply for prescriptive authority under the requirement in ARM 24.159.1463.

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