(1) The FPIS shall administer and enforce in every area of the state of Montana all the provisions of the fire code and rules adopted pursuant thereto. The chief fire officials of each municipality, fire service area, or organized fire district shall have responsibility for enforcement of applicable fire codes within the limits of their jurisdiction, and shall assist the FPIS in the enforcement of laws and rules pertaining to fire safety in public buildings.

(2) Each local authority responsible for fire prevention inspections shall maintain reports of inspections performed. Fire prevention inspection reports shall be accessible to and provided to the FPIS when deemed necessary by the state fire marshal.

(3) Each official responsible for investigating fires shall file with the state fire marshal a fire incident report on each and every fire occurring within the official's jurisdiction. Fire incident reports must be submitted on forms downloaded, or filled out online, from the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) at www.nfirs.fema.gov. The state fire marshal may notify a fire department of incomplete or invalid reports for resubmission with complete information.

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