(1) A person who is a Montana resident and who is not the holder of a valid driver's license from a jurisdiction other than Montana may apply for an identification card.

(2) An identification card applicant must appear in person at a Montana driver's examination station, submit a completed application, on a form prescribed by the department, and provide proof of his or her identity and date of birth in accordance with ARM 23.3.131 and proof of Montana residence in accordance with ARM 23.3.130. If the applicant has separate mailing and residence addresses, both addresses must be included on the application.

(3) Except as provided in (4) and (5), the fee for an identification card is $8. A receipt for payment of the fee is valid to obtain an identification card for a period of 12 months.

(4) An identification card applicant who presents a discharge certificate or parole order from a Montana state correctional facility showing release within a 60-day period immediately prior to application is entitled to one free identification card upon initial release.

(5) An identification card applicant who is certified by the Department of Public Health and Human Services as a person with a disability in accordance with the Montana Persons with Disabilities Employment Preference Act, is entitled to a free identification card upon completion of an otherwise proper application.

(6) A duplicate identification card will not be issued if a card is lost or destroyed or the personal information on the card has changed. However, the individual may apply for a new identification card.

(7) If an identification card applicant already has a Montana driver's license, the personal information submitted for the identification card must be identical to the personal information contained in the driver record maintained by the department for the applicant.

(8) Identification cards must be canceled upon evidence that the cardholder submitted incomplete or false information to the department on the identification card application or was convicted of an offense under 61-5-302, MCA.

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