(1) An elector or an agent designated pursuant to 13-1-116, MCA, may apply for an absentee ballot following the procedure in 13-13-212, MCA. If the election administrator can independently obtain the applicant's birth date, the application shall not be rejected for lack of the applicant's birth date. The request must be submitted to the election administrator of the applicant's county of residence within the time period specified in 13-13-211, MCA.

(2) The minimum acceptable prescribed form for an application for an absentee ballot must include a written request for the absentee ballot, the elector's birth date, and the elector's or the elector's agent's signature. Additional recommended statements include the election for which the elector is requesting an absentee ballot and the address to which the elector wants the ballot mailed. Electors are strongly encouraged to use the form available at the county election office or on the secretary of state's web site.

(3) An election administrator who receives a request pursuant to 13-13-212, MCA, shall determine whether the elector's or the elector's agent's signature on the request matches the elector's or the elector's agent's signature on the elector's voter registration application, prior to placing the elector on a list of individuals who wish to receive absentee ballots in subsequent elections.

(4) In order for an elector to be sent an absentee ballot for an election under the procedures and during the period specified under 13-13-212, MCA, the elector shall return the confirmation form to the election administrator within the time period specified for receipt of absentee ballot applications under 13-13-211, MCA.

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