23.16.1240    POSTING OF RULES

(1) At least the following rules must be posted in a clear, legible manner at each card table or in such a conspicuous location that the player at a card table can readily read such rules.

(a) Games to be played.

(b) Betting limits of the games.

(c) Ante or blind bets (if any).

(d) Number of raises.

(e) Minimum and/or maximum buy-in limits (if any).

(f) $800 pot limit.

(g) Rake percentage or set fee.

(h) Check and raise (yes or no).

(i) Designated wild card(s).

(j) No side pots (except in cases of all-in bets).

(k) No credit.

(l) No passing chips.

(m) No checks.

(n) Maximum number of players in each type of game.

(o) Players must be 18 years old.

(p) House players identified upon request.

(2) When the operator or card room contractor chooses to make a general house rule, that house rule shall be posted on the premises where it can be clearly seen by players in the card game to which it applies.

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